Fellows Book Design & Event 2016

Our 2016 kicked off with the pleasure of working alongside TED to create their yearly brand identity for TED Fellows 2016 conferences. The global TED event took place in Vancouver Canada, spanning a five day conference event.

We had a fab time with the New York bunch, designing their event book, decals and digital display screens for the much anticipated new talks of 2016. Couldn’t have been a more interesting and inspiring project!

Big thanks for the beautiful event photography by ©Ryan Lash/TED,  ©Bret Hartman/TED.

Working with Involved is a joy. They are incredibly attune to the mission-driven nature of our work at the TED Fellows program, which they thoughtfully applied to their process and designs. They helped us refresh the look and feel of the standard TED Fellows program guide and we look forward to working with them again.

Patrick D'Arcy
Editorial Manager, TED Fellows