Brand Materials & Comms

Context Information Security launched in 1998, and has a client base that includes some of the world’s most high profile blue chip companies, alongside government organisations. Context work with their clients to help them better understand—and therefore avoid—cyber security vulnerabilities, threats or incidents. Context has offices across the UK, Germany and Australia.

We were brought onboard to develop and push the the existing Context brand, but without moving too far from it’s existing recognisable look and feel. Using the old branding as a platform, we have incrementally brought the overall visual language up to date, and developed new Brand Guideline document to support the newer, fresher look. Our primary objective is to make all brand materials and documents easily legible with a clear call to action. We’ve developed new brand patterns, introduced additional colours and styling throughout, whilst ensuring all layouts are logical and clear.

Brand materials include; updated brand guidelines, additional graphic elements, event stand design, promotional mailouts and giveaways, white papers, corporate document templates, presentations, and all printed and digital marketing materials.