Ackroyd Lowrie

Brand Identity & Communications

Ackroyd Lowrie are an innovative and exciting architectural firm based in East-London. To align with their name change and expansion—from Ackroyd Associates to Ackroyd Lowrie—we were brought onboard to create a bold and modern brand identity that would elevate them from the crowd.

It’s traditional practise for architectural firms to be named after the architects themselves, but we also felt the addition of a logomark would help reinforce their unique collaborative approach. So to complement the new name, we developed a modern monogram using the initials A & L to create a seamless, monoweight mark that easily applies across all media and platforms.

Both the logomark and the brand patterns are drawn from the same bespoke grid, demonstrating movement, collaboration, vibrancy and possibilities. The branding was purposefully designed to allow flexibility for the future. Leaving the potential for the core Ackroyd Lowrie brand to become the umbrella under-which sub brands sit.

The visual language throughout the branding focuses on movement and growth, an evolving network of knowledge. The patterns used are never static, echoing that of the creative process—design, innovation, making. The architectural process is ever-evolving, and the same designers never conceive the same outcomes twice. With this in mind, we developed a broad spectrum of patterns, colour combinations, and variants to enable an expansive set of brand materials.

At present we have worked on the brand as a whole; logo, logomark, typefaces, produced new guidelines and printed materials, and have a website imminently ready to launch this year.

Watch this space!